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5 Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts

Have you decided to fix up an old car or improve your current vehicle? You can save time and money by looking for used car parts. Used car parts like transmissions, engine components, wheels, etc., have many unique benefits. Consider these used auto parts benefits before spending a huge amount on ordering new parts.

Cost Saving

Uses auto parts are cheaper and more affordable compared to new car parts! They are perfect for all uses, whether you want your car to run for a few weeks or looking for a permanent fix to a recurrent problem. You can also trust used car parts to save you a ton of money in maintenance costs, especially if you own a foreign vehicle.

You can usually find a perfectly clean and working used car parts from a salvaged vehicle at great prices.


Have you ever tried buying new car parts? They can take days or weeks to get to you. This timeline can be a problem, especially if you want to fix your car as quickly as possible. Buying used car parts saves you stress and time.

Used car parts are always available and waiting for you to pick them up. Buying a used car part could be as simple as calling a used car parts store to make inquiries or walking into the store to pay for it.

Buying used car parts is definitely the best option if you're looking for a quick and inexpensive fix for your car problems.

Environmentally Friendly

Buying used auto parts extends the life of each part and keeps more car parts out of landfills and dumps. With over 76% of damaged or junk cars having parts that can be salvaged, you will be contributing positively to the environment by buying used car parts.

Irrespective of the used car part you've bought, you can rest assured that you're reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill while also saving money and getting more out of car parts.

OEM Standards

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly producing new cars and discontinuing old car parts, making purchasing new parts for older vehicles hard. Although parts from newer car models may be an acceptable substitute, the discontinued parts could prove difficult to track down. Used car parts can be an excellent solution, especially if you are having trouble finding a particularly scarce part for your older vehicle.

Refurbished Parts

If you're worried about the condition of used car parts, a better idea would be to look for refurbished car parts. Refurbished car parts have received extra attention from used auto parts sellers. With refurbished car parts, you can rest assured that although they may cost more, they offer a little more guarantee on performance and quality.

Used Car Parts You Can Trust

Most used car parts are safe to buy. They'll save you money and add more mileage to your vehicle. However, it is understandable if you're a bit concerned about them. Here are some used car parts that are generally safe to buy.

  • Alternator

  • Car batteries

  • Interior parts

  • Mirrors

  • Power locks

  • Rims

  • Spare and regular tires

  • Transmission

  • Windows

It is important to check these parts for compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing. You can always expect your used car parts store to offer advice and recommendations.

Used Car Parts You Shouldn't Buy

Although used car parts are generally considered safe, you should never invest in buying these parts;

  • Belts

  • Brake pads

  • Filters – including engine air filter, oil filter, and cabin air filter

  • Hoses

  • Spark plugs

These parts are not recommended because it can be difficult to inspect them for quality.

Where to Buy Used Car Parts in Philadelphia, PA?

Orthodox Auto Company is the place to start looking. Our seven-acre junkyard is filled with salvage cars, and our used car parts inventory reaches millions of customers.

We have everything you need, from car parts to motorcycle parts. All used parts have been stripped off our junkyard vehicles and inventoried so our customers can receive the exact used parts they need, when they need them.

Our selection of used parts is so diverse it makes us the most reliable used auto parts business in the Philadelphia area. To save our time and your money, look into our pick and pull parts program and dig around our junkyard to find some used auto parts. We also offer cash for cars, auto glass replacement, auto glass repair, and many other services. Contact Orthodox Auto Company at 215-876-0477 and ask about our current inventory of used car parts in Philadelphia.


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