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Five Reasons You Should Buy Used Car Parts

It's never nice to hear back from your mechanic that something in your car is broken and needs to be replaced. You can almost feel the money evaporating from your bank account as they detail all the issues they found in the vehicle you rely on daily.

The good news is that there's a ray of hope for your poor wallet. Used car parts can be a godsend when you're dealing with an unexpected car problem and not a lot of time to come up with the money. It can also be the way to go if your car is in good shape overall but just needs a few changes. This article gives you five good reasons you should look at buying used car parts.

1. Mother Nature Will Thank You

One clear advantage of buying used car parts is that any environmental damage that it takes to make that part is long in the past. All the raw materials have been dug up, smelted, or otherwise manufactured into the very part that your vehicle is now lacking.

Buying a used part helps reduce the demand for new ones to be produced. If something is salvageable, why not take the opportunity! And after all, why go through all the trouble of creating a new part when a perfectly good replacement is available?

2. Support a Local Business

Speaking of "just down the road", did you know that's where you're likely to find the very part you need? Many places you're going to find the parts you need are going to be small, locally-owned businesses like junkyards and auto wreckers. So if convenience is what you're looking for, this applies to you. And plenty of locally owned businesses also have salvaged parts like used engines for sale online, so you can order and pick up in a matter of days.

3. Save Time

Ordering in a brand new part can take a long time, since it has to be packaged and shipped off from whatever warehouse it's being kept in. So depending on where you’re located, it can take longer than expected. Buying a used car part almost guarantees you'll be shopping locally, so you know that the part is close by and that you'll get it quickly. Let's be honest — your car is an essential tool, and there is only so long you can wait for a new part before the bus loses its charm.

4. OEM Standard

OEM is the acronym of "Original Equipment Manufacturer". This refers to car parts that are manufactured by the original auto manufacturer. And when you're buying new car parts, you’ll often come across cheaper, lower quality third party options.

The benefits of buying an OEM part over a third party option almost go without saying. The part is manufactured for the vehicle you drive, to the rigorous standards demanded by the company who produced your car. And in many cases, you're likely to get a higher quality used car part that is OEM Standard versus a new, cheap knockoff.

5. The Cost

This one goes without saying — probably the main reason you’re thinking about buying used car parts is simple. It'll cost way less than what you'd pay for a brand new part! There are obviously pros and cons to buying used car parts, but for the price, you can’t beat them. As long as you do your research and shop at a reputable location, you're guaranteed to get a bang for your buck.


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