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What to Consider Before Buying a Used Engine

So, you've had that fateful call with your mechanic where they explained that your engine is toast, and that you’ll need to find a new one if your beloved car is ever going to run again.

While you commiserate about the hit your wallet will inevitably take from this news, you discover that it can be cheaper to get a used engine — and suddenly things don’t seem quite as bleak! But this begs the question: what should you be thinking about during the process of buying a used engine?

The Details of Your Vehicle

When you start making phone calls to find the part that you need, having as much information about your car as possible will make the process so much easier. The details that are most important to know include:

Make and Model

Knowing who made your car and which model you're driving will go a long way in helping the person on the other end of the phone figure out if they have the parts you need!

The Year of Production

Car manufacturers change features and details over the years of manufacturing whichever model you're driving. Knowing the year that your car was made will be just as important as the model.

Basic Engine Specifications

You don't need to know too much about engines and cars in general, but knowing the basics about your engine is a good idea. This includes factors like the number of cylinders, what type of fuel it takes, and whether the engine is naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged.

Where Should You Start Looking?

Luckily, finding used car parts is easier than ever with so many used engines for sale online. It saves the hassle of calling up different places, but if that's more your taste, then local junkyards and car wrecking yards are your best bet.

It's always important to buy from a reputable source. There are plenty of private sellers, but you don't get any sort of guarantee when you purchase that way. Lots of people will try to flip an old engine they pulled from who knows where for a quick buck.

It's also a great idea to enquire about a warranty with whoever you’re buying through. Having a little peace of mind that you can exchange or refund a broken unit is important. And make sure to keep your receipt!

Once You Get the Part

Keep in mind that your used engine may not be the most gorgeous thing in the world when it arrives. After all, it's been pulled out of another, formerly running car. Aesthetics aside, you'll want to get your mechanic to thoroughly look over the engine to make sure it lives up to its advertised effectiveness. You don't want to go through the trouble of having it put into your car only to get it pulled back out again a few days later because of an issue that could have been easily picked up beforehand.

Enjoy Your Savings!

Your ride has a new lease on life, and you managed to save a bit of money in the process! The only thing left to do after all of this work is to enjoy the savings. Maybe a nice set of fluffy dice for your newfangled car is the right investment. Happy shopping!


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