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Used Auto Parts in Philadelphia

Fast, efficient, and professional, Orthodox Auto Company has one of the largest assortments of used auto parts in Pennsylvania and the South Jersey area. With seven acres of junkyard, our inventory surpasses millions of parts that are ready to be picked and pulled. Anything from auto to motorcycle parts are stripped off of our salvage vehicles and inventoried so our customers can receive the exact part they need, when they need it. Contact us today at (215) 608-3270 or search online for the parts you need.

High quality used auto parts in Philly

When receiving a vehicle to be salvaged, we make sure to strip it down and pull out every part that can be used before the vehicle heads into the dreaded crusher. Each salvaged vehicle is handled by qualified technicians to maintain integrity, and we strictly abide by all EPA standards for proper disposal. Over the years, our inventory of used car parts has grown immensely and has become a great resource for residents of Philadelphia and beyond.

OEM auto parts

At Orthodox Auto Company, we stock a large supply of OEM parts, or "Original Equipment Manufacturer" parts. OEM parts are replacement parts that are made by the same manufacturer as the original parts, so you aren't settling for knock-offs. These parts are generally made in surplus to drive down the cost of production, and that's why we are passing the savings onto you!

Our used car-body parts are great for local body shops, car dealerships, insurance companies, and everyday drivers because they are high quality, inexpensive, and come with Orthodox Auto Company's professional approval. All of our technicians are highly qualified, experienced parts inspectors who understand the value of each car part that is dismantled. Read our reviews to find out what other customers are saying, or come in today to find out for yourself!

The Orthodox Experience

Orthodox Auto Company has over 50 years of being our customers' most reliable and trustworthy source of used auto parts in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. We promise outstanding customer service in finding the used part you need, and if we can't find it, we will order new auto parts instead.

We also offer top-dollar quotes for salvage cars, factory-direct auto glass, new-reconditioned car batteries, and many other services. Contact us today at (215) 608-3270 to start searching for the used auto parts you need.

Let us help you

Orthodox Auto Company provides the entire Philadelphia area and beyond with upstanding services and customer care.

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