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Wholesale Auto Glass

If you have a damaged windshield — whether the damage is simple or a large crack — let Orthodox Auto Company provide the replacement auto glass you need to drive safely. Located in Philadelphia, we serve the entire Pennsylvania and South Jersey areas with salvage, auto parts, and more. Contact us today at (215) 608-3270 to receive a free estimate.

Why should I fix my windshield?

Auto glass is an integral part of every vehicle, as it shields the driver from debris and weather. Don't take the risk that a small crack will stay small forever. Over time, cracks expand due to temperature, weather, wear and tear, and many other reasons. The bigger the crack is, the more dangerous it becomes.

New windshield glass

When it comes to severely damaged windshields, complete auto glass replacement is a must. Orthodox Auto Company provides factory-direct windshield replacements at wholesale pricing. Our stock contains glass for all makes and models of cars and is perfect for auto body shops, car companies, and auto-savvy car enthusiasts. No matter what has happened to your vehicle, we can help you find the replacement pieces that you need at our location in Philadelphia.

The dangers of driving with damaged windshield glass are high, but our affordable pricing makes it easy for you to be safe. Another way to ensure your safety is by maintaining all of your vehicle's parts. Our inventory has millions of used auto parts including bumpers, tires, motors, transmissions, new-reconditioned car batteries, and much more. Search for car parts online now with our convenient online database.

For over five decades, Orthodox has been the source for everything from new parts and auto glass in Philadelphia. We pride ourselves on great customer service and high-quality products and services. Because we operate with our customers at the forefront of our practices, we are able to provide convenience and affordability to everyone, and our customer reviews speak volumes. Contact us at (215) 608-3270 to schedule your windshield replacement today. Also make sure to inquire about our car buying program.

Let us help you

Orthodox Auto Company provides the entire Philadelphia area and beyond with upstanding services and customer care.

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