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The Importance of Proper Motor Oil Disposal

At Orthodox Auto Company, the proper removal of fluids and disposal of materials is of the utmost importance. When we salvage vehicles, we make sure to remove parts carefully and safely, and we always abide by current EPA standards. We also want to help our friends and customers put the environment first when doing auto repairs at home. According to our expert team, recycling your waste motor oil is not only the responsible thing to do, it's also super easy!

Why Change Your Oil?

The purpose of oil in the vehicle is to reduce abrasion between metal parts that are in contact with one another when performing a specific function. Over time, the oil loses its viscosity (the ability to stay thick enough to withstand metal friction) and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the metal components will wear out faster than the oil. The oil in your car should be changed frequently to keep the parts operating at peak performance.

What Parts Can Be Recycled?

Any metal or plastic part associated with the engine oil system can be replaced and recycled. You can bring any part of your oil engine system to your nearest auto service station, oil change facility, or household waste recycling facility, and they will recycle it for you. Be sure to call ahead to confirm the facility's disposal capacity and recycling availability.

How to Contain and Deliver the Oil

When you bring your motor oil to a disposal facility, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to deliver the oil in a properly sealed container. The container should be clean before placing the oil in it. For instance, if you use a milk jug, thoroughly rinse it out and let it dry before pouring in the oil. This is critical because used motor oil cannot be recycled if it is mixed with other liquids, including water. To avoid spills, make sure to tighten the lid on the container before transporting the oil.

For more information on the proper disposal of auto waste materials, contact Orthodox Auto today at (215) 866-4052. We have one of the largest salvage yards in Philadelphia, PA. With thousands of salvage vehicles on our property, we have become one of the most chosen auto recycling businesses in the northeast.


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