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Car Care on a Limited Budget

You want to take good care of your car, but money is tight. You don't have the funds for regular professional detailing. And what happens if you get in a minor accident? With these tips from Orthodox Auto Company, you can keep your car looking and running great at a fraction of the cost.

1. Learn how to do an oil change

Every 3,000 miles, your vehicle should have an oil change in order to operate at its best. However, many people avoid getting an oil change due to time and money. However, you can learn how to change your car's oil and save yourself quite a bit of money. The supplies cost far less than the labor. Just make sure you learn to do it right, either from a trusted friend or from a reliable YouTube instructional video.

2. Make a car wash part of your weekend routine

Be willing to get a little wet and wash your car yourself. Invest in some quality car-wash supplies, pick a sunny day, and enjoy getting your car sparkling clean. You'll certainly save money while removing harmful dirt and debris from your car.

3. Shop used auto parts

If your car needs repair, first look into buying used auto parts online. Used auto parts cost significantly less, and then you can pay a trusted mechanic to install them (if that's not in your skill set). At Orthodox Auto, we carry a supply of used parts for a wide range of vehicles. All our parts are inspected, tested, and in good working condition. You can give us a call, stop by our Philadelphia location, or browse our online inventory.

Orthodox Auto Company is your trusted resource for used auto parts. Our salvage yard has been in business in the Philly area since the 1970s, and we thoroughly test each vehicle that comes to our lot. Contact us today at (215) 398-6838 to find out more about our used auto parts.


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