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Sell Damaged Cars Fast

Did Pennsylvania winter weather get the better of you and your vehicle? Even a little fender bender can do major damage to your vehicle — and repairs may not be worth the cost. Maybe you're wondering how you can sell an accident vehicle quickly so you can get a replacement? Don't mess with putting a "for sale" sign in the window. Instead, contact Orthodox Auto Company and sell your damaged car that very same day.

As a premier salvage yard in Philadelphia, we buy damaged cars of any make, model, or condition. Here are the basics on how our cash-for-cars process works:

  • Fill out our online sell-your-car quote form, or call our office at (267) 326-2020 to get a free, instant quote based on your description of the vehicle.

  • If you accept the quote, Orthodox Auto Company will arrange to tow the damaged vehicle off your property and collect the title.

  • When Orthodox Auto Company arrives at your home to collect your car and title, we will bring your 100% guaranteed company check.

After you sell a damaged car to Orthodox Auto Company, you can rest assured that we take great care in determining what to do with it. Each damaged car we buy is put through extensive testing to determine how to best utilize it. The majority of accident vehicles we buy fall in the "scrap value" category. In those cases, we drain fluids carefully to avoid any spillage (following EPA standards) and send the car to the crusher to be reused for steel. Other vehicles are carefully and systematically dismantled for salvageable and recyclable used auto parts.

Don't let an auto accident get you down. Turn your damaged car into cash quick! Pennsylvania residents can sell an accident car to Orthodox Auto Company today. To get your free quote or ask a car-buying question, contact us today at (267) 326-2020.


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