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Make Your Damaged Car Work for You

Did you recently get into an auto accident? Or maybe you've had that beat-up, old truck of your dad's sitting in your garage for way too long? Don't just sit and wonder about what to do with a damaged car you can no longer use. At Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia, you can make your accident car work for you.

Orthodox Auto Company is a family-owned and –operated salvage yard and used-auto-parts retailer. We can help you get that damaged vehicle off your hands and get cash into your wallet with our cash-for-cars program. We buy damaged cars for top dollar and will even tow your accident vehicle to our lot.

Sell your accident car quickly and hassle-free. All you have to do is contact Orthodox Auto Company for a free quote either online or by phone. Before you get in touch with us, be sure to have the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle ready so we can give you an accurate quote.

If you decide to sell your damaged car, we can then make arrangements to pick it up and deliver your cash. Before one of our staff members come, be sure to get the accident car ready:

  • Dig out the title. You must have the title in order for Orthodox Auto Company to buy your damaged car.

  • Gather all vehicle keys. You will need to turn them all over.

  • Remove any personal belongings from the vehicle.

After all these things are complete, Orthodox Auto Company will issue you a 100% guaranteed company check and will get that accident car off your hands.

To sell your damaged car for cash, contact Orthodox Auto Company today at (267) 326-2020, or stop by our Philadelphia location during normal business hours.


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