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PA's Blue Knob State Park

Are you scratching your head trying to think of the perfect destination for some fresh air and outdoor activity while visiting PA this summer? Well, stop scratching, because we've found just the place for you — Blue Know State Park.

Nestled in Pennsylvania's gorgeous Allegheny Mountains, Blue Knob State Park is one of the best spots in the country to go for a hike or simply relax in the tranquil wilderness. Blue Knob itself is one of the highest mountains in PA and has been a popular destination for people to visit for centuries.

The first settlers to call this sprawling landscape home were German immigrants who set up shop at Blue Knob shortly following the Revolutionary War. The logging boom soon came and the trees and other vegetation were decimated at Blue Knob. Wildfires then dealt the final blow and Blue Knob was left in shambles until President Roosevelt stepped in.

In the 1930s, in congruence with President Roosevelt's newly formed Civilian Conservation Corps, Blue Knob's reforestation was underway. Today, thanks to President Roosevelt's conservation efforts, the formerly desolate stretch of land has become a lush and thriving 6,000 acre forest that's home to hundreds of happy animals.

The 18 miles of hiking trails at Blue Knob State Park are some of the best you'll find in Pennsylvania. The trails offer varying levels of difficulty for hikers of all experience levels. The Mountain View Trail is a five-mile hike that may be the choice for more seasoned hikers. The trail loops around the summit's peak then descend 1000 feet into a shady picnic area before circling back to the trailhead.

Park visitors looking for a more laid-back hike can take the Homestead Trail. This trail is a two-mile loop through the lower slopes of the mountain, offering plenty of wildlife watching and a less arduous hike than the Mountain View trail offers.

Gorgeous scenery and seclusion in nature make Blue Knob State Park the perfect summer vacation destination.


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