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Increase Your Car's Lifespan with Regular Car Washes

Want to avoid frequent visits to your local Philly salvage yard to find replacement parts for your car? It may seem like the simplest of vehicle maintenance steps, but regular car washes can improve your car's appearance as well as its lifespan. Today we'll share just some of the benefits of keeping a regular car washing schedule all year round. Below are some of the benefits that can come from washing your car regularly, from Orthodox Auto Company — your trusted Philly salvage yard specialists.

Personal Benefits

A filthy car doesn't exactly exude the essence of a confident adult who knows how to take proper care of their belongings. If you want to maintain a professional and respectable reputation, keeping an impeccably clean automobile is a great place to start. Making sure your car is a sparkling testament to your own grooming habits can also be incredibly important for any single driver seeking a co-pilot.

Environmental Benefits

Taking your car to an automatic car wash can have environmental benefits as well — this can be especially apparent at the beginning of spring. Salts used to keep roads clear in winter are highly corrosive, and if not properly removed, can eat away at different components of your car's exterior. This includes any exposed pipes or lines on the car's undercarriage. If you want to keep your car from rusting as well as keep fluids from leaking and damaging the environment, make sure to regularly have your car washed at winter's end. If you've already lost a piece or two to rust, you can find all the used car parts you could ask for at your local salvage yard.

Financial Benefits

Sometimes you have to spend a little bit of money to save a lot of money. This is one of those cases. Shelling out a few bucks to keep your car clean now can prevent you from spending even more on replacement parts at the salvage yard further down the road. Neglecting your car's exterior cleanliness may save you a few dollars now but could cost you a lot more in the future.

Keep your car clean all year long and you'll avoid turning your prized automobile into a glorified rust bucket. Despite your best cleaning efforts, you may end up needing new or used auto parts to keep your vehicle in proper working order — that's when you can count on Orthodox Auto Company. Our legendary Philly salvage yard has the auto parts you need at prices that will keep your wallet in working order as well. Contact us today at (215) 866-4052 to find out what the Orthodox difference can mean for you and your car.

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