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How Reliable Are Used Auto Parts?

From fenders to carburetors, you can find a wide range of used auto parts online or from local salvage yards. It's no secret that buying used versus new (on most consumer products) can save you valuable dollars. But how do you know if the salvage yard is selling you quality auto parts? Orthodox Auto Company — a Philadelphia junkyard and used auto parts retailer — gives you a few signs that you're purchasing quality, secondhand auto parts.

1. The reputation of the salvage yard

What do your friends, family members, co-workers, and car mechanic say about the junkyard? Is it known for having good customer service and for working with you to find the right auto parts? If you can't ask a personal friend, check customer reviews to see what others in your area are saying. The quality of service is the first clue to knowing that the used auto parts you're buying are worth the perceived risk of buying used.

2. A thorough inspection process

Before purchasing used auto parts, research the inspection process of the salvage yard or store. Make sure the company goes through a thorough inspection and testing regimen that adheres to strict standards. You also want to make sure the junkyard obeys EPA regulations for disposal of car fluids and waste material.

3. Mechanic approved

If you're not car savvy and haven't purchased used auto parts previously, then you may feel more at ease involving an auto mechanic or a friend who knows your car's make and model. Involve your car consultant in buying the auto parts, or take him or her to the salvage yard to take advantage of deeper pick-and-pull discounts. That way, you can see the parts for yourself before making the purchase.

Remember that cars and their auto parts aren't perfect, and vehicles depreciate the moment you drive them off the new car lot. With any vehicle — new or used — you run the risk of parts that wear out sooner than you want.

For premium used auto parts in Philadelphia, contact Orthodox Auto Company at (215) 866-4052. Our salvage yard has been in business in Philly for over 40 years. Check out our car-buying and auto parts inspection processes, and browse our online auto parts inventory.


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