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The Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts

If you have decided to fix up an old car or improve the one you are currently driving you should look for used car parts before new ones. There are many unique benefits of purchasing used transmissions, engine components, wheels, or other auto parts rather than buying brand new. The top three benefits of buying used auto parts are because they are cost efficient, and you can find the exact part you need. There are also several ecological benefits of auto recycling and salvage yards.

Benefits of Auto Recycling


Whether you need an auto part that will simply help your car run for a few weeks or you are looking for a permanent fix, auto recycling, or buying used auto parts, will be significantly cheaper than a brand new OEM or after-market part. The majority of the time, you will find a perfectly clean and properly working used auto part from a salvaged vehicle that is very inexpensive.

Exact parts

Since manufacturers are always producing new cars, old parts are constantly being discontinued. Even though a new part may be an acceptable substitute, the discontinued part that you really need could prove difficult to track down. If you are having trouble finding a particularly scarce part for your older vehicle, the vast used auto part inventory of the Orthodox Auto Company is the place to start looking.

Ecologically friendly

By buying a used auto part you are extending it’s life which in-turn helps keep car parts out of landfills and dumps. Over 76 percent of an unusable automobile has parts that can actually be salvaged for use in another vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a new engine, wheels, or steering wheel; every part you take out of a salvage yard is one less part that contributes to the filling up of landfills.

With a seven acre of junkyard filled with salvage cars, Orthodox Auto Company's inventory of used auto parts reaches millions. Anything from car parts to motorcycle parts are stripped off our junkyard vehicles and inventoried so our customers can receive the exact used parts they need, when they need them.

Our selection of used parts is so diverse it makes us the most reliable used auto parts business in the Philadelphia area. To save our time and your money, look into our pick and pull parts program and dig around our junkyard to find some used auto parts. We also offer cash for cars, auto glass replacement, auto glass repair, and many other services. Contact Orthodox Auto Company at 215-876-0477 and ask about our current inventory of used car parts in Philadelphia.


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