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Buy Used Auto Parts Online!

Finding used parts for your vehicle is a great way to repair your car without going broke. Salvage yards are full of used auto parts that are in great condition. Many people do not realize that salvage yards throughout the country, including Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia, sell used auto parts online. Here’s how our used auto parts sales works online:

  • First, know the specific part you need. You'll need to specify the year, make, and model of your vehicle, as well as the name of the car part.

  • Go to our auto parts online database and search for the part you need.

  • If our database locates the part, a list will appear on the screen. The list will detail the type of part, its grade, stock number, pricing, and dealer information.

  • To purchase a specific used auto part, you will then click "Request a Quote" to contact the dealer directly about that part.

From there, a customer-service member from Orthodox Auto Company or other listed dealers will contact you to answer your questions and give you a specific quote to include shipping, taxes, and so on. Once you have your quote, you can decide if you want to proceed with purchasing the used auto part.

We at Orthodox Auto Company want to make the auto-part-buying process as easy as possible. So if at any time you decide you'd rather talk to someone at Orthodox Auto Company directly, you can contact us by calling (215) 876-0477. We can help you locate used auto parts or answer any questions you might have about the online process.

Orthodox Auto Company is a Philadelphia salvage yard company. So if you're in the area and would prefer to stop by, then we invite you to do so. You can even take advantage of additional used auto-parts discounts through our Pick and Pull auto-parts service. With over seven acres of used auto parts in our arsenal, chances are good you will be able to find the auto parts you need.


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