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3 Tips for Buying Used Auto Parts

Purchasing used auto parts instead of new can be a huge money-saver when doing auto repairs. Often, cars are obtained by salvage yards that have perfectly good parts and can be used again. However, you should be careful when buying used parts to be sure you are getting a good deal on quality parts. Orthodox Auto Company knows the importance of providing quality used and new auto parts and can help you find what you need. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when buying used auto parts.

1. Be Sure the Parts Are in Good Condition

Don't buy used auto parts simply because they are inexpensive. Confirm that the parts are in good working order before you buy so that they don't end up breaking down on you shortly after you install them. Try to get a guarantee from the dealer that the parts work correctly so that you can return them if they fail.

2. Buy from a Reputable Dealer

A reputable auto-parts dealer should staff highly qualified, experienced parts inspectors who understand the value of each car part that is sold. The auto parts dealer or salvage yard that you purchase from should also make environmental safety a top priority. At Orthodox, each salvaged vehicle is handled by qualified technicians to maintain integrity, and we strictly abide by all EPA standards for proper disposal.

3. Compare Prices

Do your research ahead of time to be sure you are getting a good deal. Search for the part you need to see what the market value is in both new and used condition. Then, compare your findings to the used parts for sale at the auto parts dealer or salvage yard. While used parts are a great way to save money, sometimes it is better to buy new. You can research compare parts online or talk to one of the knowledgeable professionals at Orthodox to find what you need.

Orthodox Auto Company has over 50 years of being our customers' most reliable and trustworthy source of used auto parts in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our salvage car numbers grow daily, meaning we have millions of parts waiting for you. Contact us today at (215) 398-6838, and ask how we can help find the perfect part for your vehicle.


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