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3 Ways to Save Money & Help the Environment

Because many people don't fully understand what salvage yards do, they often receive a bad and unfair reputation. Often, in the minds of consumers, salvage yards are simply trash heaps or garbage dumps for automobiles. While it is true that some of the vehicles in a salvage yard are destined for nothing but the trash heap, there are a wide variety of parts and automobiles that can be used for a purpose other than filling up a dump. Here are three ways that using salvage yards like Orthodox Auto Company can save you money and help the environment.

1. Save Money on Replacement Parts

A great way to save money on vehicle repairs and restorations is to purchase used parts from salvage yards. You can often find quality used parts at salvage yards because they are full of salvage title cars that still have most of their parts in working order. You can hunt for these parts and purchase them at a steep discount, and then use the parts to repair another vehicle.

2. Find Cheap Vehicles to Restore and Sell

You may also be able to find whole automobiles that are still in repairable condition. In most salvage yards, the collections of automobiles are ranked according to the level of damage that the vehicles have sustained. Categories such as A and B vehicles are generally considered to be irreparable. These automobiles can usually only be used for parts or for scrap metal. on the other hand, category C and D vehicles are generally considered to still be in good enough condition that restoration is possible.

3. Eliminate Waste in Dumps and Landfills

When you purchase vehicles and parts from a salvage yard, you can put those parts to good use and spare them from a life in a dump or a landfill. Just as recycling paper, aluminum, and plastic products help reduce waste and preserve the earth's ecosystem, so also recycling auto parts is a positive step in helping the environment. When you find cars and parts at a salvage yard, you are essentially recycling those discarded parts and returning them to their intended function.

To take advantage of all that a quality, family-owned and -operated salvage yard has to offer, contact Orthodox Auto Company in Philadelphia, PA, today at (215) 876-0477. We are your one-stop shop for all things automotive, and we would love to discuss all of the ways we can assist you.


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