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What to Do With Your Junk Car

Do you have a junk car just sitting around your garage? It can be a real nuisance to keep a non-working vehicle around in Pennsylvania — it takes up space, looks ugly, and can even leak dangerous chemicals. If you have a dilapidated vehicle cluttering up your garage, it's definitely time to consider contacting a salvage yard.

A salvage yard (or junk yard) is a place where wrecked or otherwise unusable vehicles are stored and disassembled. The dismantlers divide the car's parts into operative used auto parts, which are then sold, and scrap metal, which is transferred to a metal recycling plant. Some scrap yards don't pay you for your vehicles; others, however, will offer you compensation for your car's usable auto parts.

Although it may seem impossible or unlikely as you're looking at the rusty hunk of metal taking up half your garage, every car has some value, even if it's in such a bad state it will never start again. Cars are complex machines, with many parts and intricate systems — it's nearly certain that at least a few of your car's parts can still work. You might have a car model for which it's difficult to find replacement parts, or maybe someone could enjoy the project of restoring your old junker. Either way, it's worth giving a salvage yard a call.

When you're thinking about getting rid of your junk car, give Orthodox Auto a call. We'll happily accept your unusable vehicle into our 7-acre salvage yard, and we'll always pay you what your car's worth and no less. If you have questions or have a junk car you'd like to get rid of, contact us today at (215) 866-4052.


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