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3 Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car

Your old clunker has been parked in your driveway for years. Maybe it was your first car or your college ride, and it's too hard to say goodbye to an old friend. Or, maybe you always wanted to restore it but never actually got around to completing the project. Now that the years have passed, and you're older and wiser, you are ready to get your driveway back. But, what can you do with an old, damaged vehicle? If you're in the Philadelphia area, Orthodox Auto Company is here for you.

Orthodox Auto Company is Philadelphia’s premier salvage yard and purveyor of used auto parts. We would love to purchase your car, no matter what condition it is in. And we will even pick it up from your house! Here are some reasons to sell your junk car to our salvage yard.

1. Declutter and Make Room

One of the main reasons to sell your junker to Orthodox is to clear out your driveway or garage to make space. Decluttering your home can be freeing and reduce stress. You can also make room for something new in your life, like a new car or that tool bench you have had your eye on.

2. Make Some Money

Orthodox will buy your car for top dollar. All you have to do is provide an accurate description and we will give you a quote. You can then bring your car to our lot or we will pick it up from you. We will pay you on the spot. Selling your car to us allows you to clear out that junk car and make some extra spending money at the same time.

3. No Need to Advertise

When you bring your car to us, we will buy it no matter the condition, so making the sale is easy. You don't have to worry about posting "For Sale" advertisements online or dealing with potential buyers trying to haggle or wasting your time. Most of the time, we can get you a quote, pick up your car, and write you a check all in one day. It could not be easier!

Ready to sell your vehicle to Orthodox Auto? Get started today by contacting us at (215) 992-7685 for a free, no-obligation quote for your car. Then, we can tell you more about the salvage process and how we can help you get paid quickly for your junk car.


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