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3 Perks to Salvaging Your Junk Car

You've had that ol' sedan parked in your driveway for years. At first, you had grand dreams about restoring her to her original glory, but time got away from you. Now, you want your driveway back, but who would want to buy a damaged car? We have the answer: Orthodox Auto Company.

Orthodox Auto Company is Philadelphia's premier salvage yard and purveyor of used auto parts. We would love to take any junk car you can drive or drag to our lot — and here's how we can make it worth your time and effort.

1. Make some space

The first, most-obvious perk of dropping off your car at Orthodox Auto is clearing out that space in your driveway or garage. Just think of all you can do with that extra real estate at home.

2. Earn extra cash

Orthodox Auto Company doesn't just take your car; we buy it from you! We'll give you a top-dollar, cash quote for any vehicle you bring to us. You get to rid yourself of that junk car and make some spending money at the same time.

3. Say goodbye to personal ads

When you bring your car to us, we will buy it no matter the condition. You don't have to mess with writing an advertisement either online or in the local paper, just hoping someone will buy it. Most of the time, we can give you a quote, pick up your car, and hand over your cash all in the matter of a day.

Ready to sell your junk car to Orthodox Auto? Get started today by contacting us at (215) 398-6838 to get a free, no-obligation quote for your car. Then, we can tell you more about the salvage process and what you need to get your cash fast. Orthodox Auto Company is a family-owned and -operated salvage yard serving the Philadelphia community.


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