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Salvage Your Junk Car

Your car has been through the ringer — perhaps an accident or two, not to mention its old age. The beater has served you well over the years, but the time has come to say goodbye. But what do you do with a car that can no longer do its job? Bring it to Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia, PA.

Sell Your Car

At Orthodox Auto, we specialize in buying junk cars for top dollar. Why? Just because your car doesn't run doesn't mean that it has lost its value. Our expert team will run your car through a series of tests to salvage it for auto parts or to send it through the scrapper to retain the metal. You get to benefit by getting paid. Like our satisfied customers, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by your experience with our salvage yard and well-trained team.

About Orthodox Auto

Orthodox Auto Company is a locally owned and operated salvage yard that's been serving the Philadelphia, PA, area since the 1970s. Our business is a family affair, and we take what we do with great pride. For you, you can rest assured that we put the customer first and work hard in everything we do. We offer specific services to our Philly neighbors: our salvage yard and used auto parts.

Find Out More

Want to find out the worth of your junk car? Contact our team today at Orthodox Auto Company at (215) 398-6838, and ask about selling your damaged vehicle. If it's drivable, you can also bring it to our Philadelphia location to have it inspected firsthand. Otherwise, we'll arrange to have it towed. Either way, you can say farewell to that old car without any hassle or work on your part.


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