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We Buy Salvage Cars

Orthodox Auto Company has a seven acre of salvage yard in Philadelphia. Within that space sit millions of auto parts to choose from. Contact us today at (215) 608-3270 for a full list of our available services, or buy car parts online now.

Get the best offer for your salvage car

If you need to sell your junk car that has been taking up space in your driveway or garage, let Orthodox take it off your hands. Our car buyers will give you the best quote on the spot for your salvage car, regardless of the condition. It's the easy and convenient way to get extra money in your pocket for an old clunker.

Our process is simple

1. Call our buyers at (215) 608-3270 and describe your vehicle's condition.

2. Receive an instant quote based on your description before we even see the vehicle.

3. Set up a time and place for us to tow it out of your way. It's even included in your quote.

4. Get paid on the spot. We will hand you a 100 percent guaranteed company check.

When we bring salvaged cars back to our junk yard, we inspect them and deem them salvageable or end-of-life. If the car can be salvaged, we will either remove and inventory the parts or leave them for our pick n pull customers. When cars are unsalvageable, we relinquish all parts and fluids according to EPA standards, and recycle them for future vehicles.

Salvage cars for sale

Not only do we buy salvage cars, but we also sell them. If you are looking for a car to inspire you and your creativity, an old, beat-up salvage car from our salvage yard may be the perfect project. They are also great for fathers and sons, aspiring mechanics, or retirees who are looking for an exciting adventure and hobby.

The quickest and easiest way to get a part is by salvage through Orthodox Auto Company. Our ever-increasing selection of salvage cars provides direct access to all types of car parts, and our database gives us quick and easy access to obtaining them.

Let us help you

Orthodox Auto Company provides the entire Philadelphia area and beyond with upstanding services and customer care.

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