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Why We Buy Damaged Cars

Many people who drag their accident cars into Orthodox Auto Company wonder, "Why in the world are you offering to buy damaged cars?" Where many people see a totaled mess, we see opportunity and value. Our cash-for-cars program is beneficial to us and to our customers. Here's why.

When we buy damaged cars, we know that parts of the car are no longer usable. However, that doesn't mean the entire vehicle is useless. Many accident cars still have gently used auto parts that can be salvaged and then sold through our auto parts inventory or our pick-and-pull program. We have many customers looking for that "one part" for a specific make and model — and your damaged car may hold what they need.

When we buy damaged cars, our staff thoroughly inspects and dismantles salvageable parts. This process is intensive, making sure we choose only quality used auto parts to salvage. We put each part through many different tests that adhere to industry standards.

Purchasing accident cars is also helpful to our Philly customers on several levels. If you're the seller, you don't have to worry about what to do with your damaged car. Plus, you walk away with cash in hand! Our other customers interested in used auto parts also benefit by paying less for quality used parts at our salvage yard than they would at many other auto parts stores.

Buying damaged cars is a service that benefits our customers and helps keep our salvage yard stocked. To hear more about selling your damaged car, contact Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020. If you're interested in our used auto parts, call our salvage yard department at (215) 608-3270.

Orthodox Auto Company is a family-owned and –operated Pennsylvania business. We will do our best to make your salvage yard experience a good one!


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