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To Auto Glass Repair or Replace, That is the Question

Not only does your windshield protect you from debris and weather, it also serves as a safety feature that prevents passengers from flying forward out of the car in collisions. It is important to maintain your windshield because of the large role it plays in making your car safe to drive.

Windshields are two layers of laminated auto glass adhered to a plastic center. Other glass in the car is tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces when it breaks. Laminated glass is designed to remain in place, even when broken with a hard impact. If the laminated glass chips or cracks, should you repair it, or replace it?

When stone damage or a single, long crack less than 24 inches breaks the outer layer of glass, it is possible to repair the damage. Repairing the glass in this situation poses many benefits such as it is cost effective, you are not breaking the factory windshield seal which in turn weakens the structure. Auto glass repair is also obviously easier and quicker than replacing your windshield completely.

There are however some case where you will need to replace the entire windshield. It is not safe to simply repair the auto glass if a straight crack is longer than 24 inches, the diameter of a spider crack is more than 3 inches or is the crack/chip goes through to both layers of your windshield. Auto glass repair is also not recommended if the plastic inner layer of the windshield is discolored or is the damage blocks the driver's primary viewing.

Sometimes the choice between auto glass repair and auto glass replacement is obvious. Regardless the trained professionals at Orthodox Auto Company will help you make the decision that is best for your vehicle.

Each of our employees is trained to repair auto glass properly to prevent further damage and diminish the appearance of any previous damage. Most damage to auto glass can be repaired quickly, making it the most cost-effective way to keep your car glass in shape. Although typically more expensive than simple auto glass repair, Orthodox Auto Company can also inexpensively replace your windshields for less than our rivals.

For over four decades, Orthodox Auto Company, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been the source for anything from auto glass installation and cash for cars to auto parts and car rentals. We pride ourselves in great customer service and the ability to provide excellent service. Contact us at 215-608-3270 and ask us how you can receive a damage assessment for a windshield repair or windshield replacement.


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