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Say Goodbye to Ol' Bessie

For ten years, you've had that 1979 Ford Mustang parked in your driveway. It's the exact make and model of "Bessie", the car you drove back in high school. Every time you pass by the Mustang, you're transported back to pegged jeans, big hair, and Madonna blaring on the radio.

When you rescued Bessie 2.0 from the previous owner, you had nothing but good intentions. You were going to take your time restoring her to her former glory. In no time, you'd be cruising the Pennsylvania countryside feeling like a teenager again. However, as is often the case, life happened. Your free time seems to be spoken for, and ol' Bessie hasn't done anything but develop rust in the driveway. You know it's time to let her go.

But what can you do with a damaged car?

Bring ol' Bessie on over to Orthodox Auto Company of Philly. We are a local, family-owned business that has been in the area since the 1970s. Our company specializes in buying damaged cars like ol' Bessie because —like you — we still see the value she holds. Just because cars have lost some life doesn't mean they cannot be used for other purposes.

At Orthodox Auto Company, we buy damaged cars and will pay you top dollar for them. The car-selling process is simple — all you need to do is get a quote from us to get started. We can buy your car and even get money in your hand the same day, if possible.

You can say goodbye to ol' Bessie and hello to cash by bringing your damaged car to Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia. You may be sad to see her go, but we bet the money in hand will help ease the pain. To find out more about why we buy damaged cars or to get a free quote, contact Orthodox Auto Company today at (267) 326-2020.


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