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Safety First at Orthodox Auto Company

At Orthodox Auto Company, we love the pull-it-yourselfers who aren't afraid to get dirty and dig for the auto part they want. While we have thousands of auto parts already picked for your convenience, we do allow customers to pick their own, if they are feeling adventurous. However, a junk yard can be a dangerous place, so we encourage all of our pickers to practice the highest of safety standards.


When it comes to junk yard attire, a good rule of thumb is to cover up as much as possible. You'll want to wear closed-toed shoes, protective eyewear, and long pants to protect your skin. Dressing in layers is also recommended so that you will be protected from the elements. You can remove a layer if you get too warm.


Most junk yards have restrictions on which tools you can bring in. These restrictions are meant to keep you and others safe while picking parts. Be sure to check with the junk yard before coming, so that you are up-to-date on their current tool restrictions.


Alcohol and junk yard picking do not mix. Being under the influence of alcohol impairs your speed and processing ability. Help keep everyone safe, and only pull parts when you're sober. Leave the alcohol behind, and don’t try to sneak any in. If you get caught with alcohol, you will be asked to leave (and probably not to come back).


Car parts are heavy and awkward. To avoid straining your muscles, use safe lifting practices. Use your knees to bend, and don't lift heavy objects over your head. Remember to bring a friend to help you lift large parts. Working as a team will help you stay safe and avoid any injury.


The nooks and crannies of vehicles are really dark, even on a bright summer day. Bring a flashlight with you so you'll have it when you need it. Before you start removing a part, use the flashlight to help you visually inspect the piece. If you notice any damage, let a staff member know. And while you're inspecting, you can count how many bolts are holding the part in place, or spot any clips. This knowledge will help the removal process go more smoothly.

For more tips on how to stay safe in a junk yard, contact Orthodox Auto at (215) 515-7238. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the expert staff at our salvage yard can help you find the parts you need safely and efficiently.


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