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New Car for a New School Year

Colleges and universities are gearing up for another year of higher education. Soon enough, students like yourself will be moving back to campus by the droves. But are you beginning to wonder if your high-school beater can handle another year? Maybe you're nervous about the thought of loading all your belongings in your car because you're not sure whether it will make it to campus. Maybe it's time for a newer, more-reliable vehicle — and Orthodox Auto Company can help.

While we don't sell cars, we do buy them. Whether your car is old, dilapidated, or has accident damage, we will buy it. In fact, our cash-for-cars program offers you the opportunity to make some quick cash for your back-to-school car purchase.

We do our best to make selling your car as easy as possible. Here's what you need to do:

1. Contact us

You can either fill out our free quote form or call our office during regular business hours. You'll need to know the vehicle details (general condition, make, model, year, and so on) and be in possession of the title.

2. Get a quote

Based on your description of the vehicle, we will give you a top-dollar cash quote, with no obligations.

3. Hand over the keys

We can arrange to pick up your car, or you can bring it to us — either way works for us. Just make sure you have everything ready (title, keys, etc.).

4. Get paid

Once everything is handed over, we hand you a 100-percent guaranteed company check.

You can take that cash and apply it toward a newer, more reliable car that will get you through the next few years of college life. Just think of what a relief that will be as you head into the new school year.


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