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Find the Perfect Father's Day Gift at Orthodox Auto Company

Socks, ties, coffee mugs, golf gift certificates — your dad has seen them all. You want to make this Father's Day special, but what could you possibly get him that hasn’t been done a thousand times over? This year, give your dad the gift of quality time and hard work with one of his favorite people: you. If you or your dad are interested in cars or in learning a new hobby, stop by Orthodox Auto Company, and let us help find the Father’s Day project that is right for you.

Fix Up a Salvage Car

Nothing says Father's Day bonding like a hands-on project. Consider buying a salvage car from our salvage yard and fixing it up with your dad. The two of you can reminisce about good times or reconnect discussing your goals for the future while putting your creativity to the test. Fixing up a salvage vehicle can be a great hobby or learning experience for anyone wanting to enrich their lives.

Who We Are

At Orthodox Auto, we have been recycling cars for over 40 years in our seven-acre salvage yard. We buy cars in all conditions and then sell the salvageable parts. We have an extensive inventory, and our expert team can help you find the salvage car that you are looking for. We also sell new and used auto parts, so you'll have everything you need for your project. We meticulously inspect each car part to ensure it is the highest quality. You can even find parts online through our database. It couldn't be easier!

Father's Day is approaching quickly, so don't wait to start your search for that perfect project. If you're in the Philadelphia area, come on down to our lot, or contact us today. For quality service and a knowledgeable staff, choose Orthodox Auto Company as your trusted auto recycler, and give us a call at (215) 398-6838 for more information.


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