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Buying Accident Cars in Four Easy Steps

Your car was recently banged up in an accident, and the insurance company has ruled it as "totaled". You can no longer drive it, but what are you going to do with your accident car? Sell your damaged car to the Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia.

Orthodox Auto Company is a family-owned and –operated salvage yard and used auto parts retailer. We buy accident cars, and you can walk away with cash in hand. Here's how our car-buying process works:

1. Get in touch with us

Contact us at Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020 to get a free quote over the phone. You can also fill out our free, no-obligation quote form online. This step gets the ball rolling!

2. Complete the free quote process

To get an accurate quote, you will need to describe the vehicle's condition accurately. You will also need to provide the year, make and model as well as the title. We take you for your word, and honesty pays off in a premium quote for your accident car.

3. Turn over the keys

You can either bring your vehicle to our Philadelphia location, or we can arrange to pick it up for you. Our staff can pick up the accident car quickly, so be sure to have it ready!

4. Get paid

After turning over your keys, you walk away with cash in hand — in the form of a company check. Because we buy accident cars at top-dollar rates, selling your damaged car to Orthodox Auto Company can really pay off.

Want more info on selling your damaged car? Contact Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020. Our staff will answer your questions, get you a free quote, and get you on your way to selling your damaged car fast!


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