3 Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

Are you looking for ways to fix your vehicle without going broke? Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia knows the value of each dollar, which is why we want to give you a few tips about car repair on a budget.

1. Compare multiple auto-repair rates

When you're in need of auto repairs, you may be tempted to just pick the repair shop closest to your home or work. However, don't commit to an auto repair until you've done your research. Bankrate.com notes, "Most body shops have different labor rates for mechanical and auto-body repairs, with body repairs typically costing less."

Start by asking your friends and family members about reputable repair shops, and get quotes from them. Be sure to ask detailed questions about the repair and get the estimate in writing.

2. Read your vehicle's owner manual

You'd be amazed at the information you can find out about your vehicle, including details you may need for preventative maintenance and small vehicle repairs. Plus, knowing your vehicle means you know how it runs and what used auto parts needs, making you a less likely candidate for a scam or to be talked into unnecessary repairs or upgrades.

Dummies.com tells car owners, "If you pay attention and read a little, you'll learn how and when to best spend your limited maintenance dollars."

3. Purchase used auto parts

Many people do not realize that several salvage yards specialize in dismantling junkyard vehicles for usable auto parts. You can buy these used auto parts at discounted rates, either online or directly from your local salvage yard. Then, you can take your parts to a trusted mechanic to complete the car repair.

Philadelphia residents can also take advantage of Orthodox Auto Company's Pick and Pull program, providing even more savings. All you have to do is know the part you need and be willing to get a little dirty while removing the part from one of our salvaged vehicles. To get more information on used auto parts in Philadelphia, contact Orthodox Auto Company by calling (215) 608-3270. You can also check out our online used-parts inventory if you prefer to have the parts shipped to you directly.