3 Common Cash-for-Cars Questions

The cash-for-cars program at Orthodox Auto Company often sounds too good to be true. However, we mean it when we say that we will pay top dollar for cars in any condition. If you're still uncertain, then let us answer a few common questions we get about selling a damaged car to Orthodox Auto Company.

1. Why do you buy damaged cars?

Many people ask why a salvage yard would buy accident vehicles. The answer is quite simple: Even damaged cars can still have some value. We run each car through a number of tests. From there, we either salvage used auto parts to sell, or we send it to the crusher to be used for the steel.

2. What do I need to sell my car?

You must have the original title before you can get cash for your car. If you lost your title, we can walk you through the necessary steps for obtaining a new one — a process that usually takes around 10 days.

3. How do you determine the cash value for my vehicle?

If your car no longer has market value (meaning it costs more to fix it than what it's worth), we price it according to its scrap value — which is determined by the weight of your car. However, if your car still has market value, we will do comparison pricing with similar vehicles sold at car auctions.

Do you have additional questions about selling your car? Don’t hesitate to contact Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020, or you can also go ahead and get a free cash-for-cars estimate by filling out our online quote form.