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Cash For Cars: Frequently Asked Questions

Our cash for cars program here at Orthodox Auto Company often sounds too good to be true. However, we mean it when we say that we will pay top dollar for cars in any condition. If you're still uncertain, then let us answer a few common questions we get about selling damaged or junk cars to Orthodox Auto Company.

Why do you buy damaged cars?

Many people ask why a salvage yard would buy accident or damaged vehicles. The answer is quite simple: even damaged cars can still have some value. We run each car through several tests. From there, we either salvage used auto parts to sell or send them to the crusher for the steel.

What do I need to sell my car?

You must have your car's original title before you can get cash for your car. If you lost your title, we could walk you through the necessary steps for obtaining a new one. Obtaining a new title often takes around ten (10) days.

How do you determine the cash value of my vehicle?

If your car no longer has a market value (meaning it costs more to fix it than it's worth), we price it according to its scrap value. The weight of your car determines your car's scrap value. However, if your car still has market value, we will compare pricing with similar vehicles sold at car auctions.

I'm ready to sell my junk car. What do I do?

It's pretty simple to sell your damaged or junk car to us at Orthodox Auto Company. Bring your vehicle to us or contact us on the phone for an instant price quote. We offer quotes based on the description you've given of your car and its condition.

Do I need an appointment to sell my junk car?

No, you can contact Orthodox Auto Company at any time of the day for information about selling junk cars. We will put you in touch with the nearest driver to pick up your junk car and offer instant cash for it.

How long does it take to get a quote for my junk car?

Instantly! You can get a price quote for your junk car instantly. We have an online junk car price calculator you can use. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone for a price estimate.

Do you buy operable vehicles with a salvage title?

Yes. Like many other scrap yards, we buy used cars that still run. Contact us to discuss your salvage title vehicle and our price offer. Salvage title vehicles are those marked by insurance companies as a total loss or damage beyond repair.

Can you tow my vehicle from my property free of charge?

While most junkyards offer cash for cars only, we go the extra mile to offer free towing to customers willing to sell their junk cars. Sellers can rest assured that we will tow their junk or damaged vehicle off their property free of charge. We also pay cash for your junk cars.

Can I haggle the junk car price or quote you offer?

Orthodox Auto Company aims to give top dollar for junk cars in our cash for cars program. You're more likely to be satisfied with our price offer, thus negating the need to haggle. We offer junk car prices based on the condition and other details.

Can I donate my junk car instead of selling it for cash?

Yes. You can donate your junk car if you wish to qualify for a tax incentive. However, if you'd rather have cold and hard cash in your hands, our cash for cars program is perfect for you. We have a clean and proven auto recycling process to keep the environment safe.

Contact Orthodox Auto Company

Do you have additional questions about selling your car? Don’t hesitate to contact Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020, or you can also go ahead and get a free cash-for-cars estimate by filling out our online quote form.


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